Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grouper without asparagus

There were some specials on the menu for our anniversary dinner last night.

After the waitress went through listing each of them, she walked away from the table to give us time make a decision.

JB turned and gave me a knowing smile.

"What?" I ask taking a sip of my drink.

"Nothing," he replied, still smiling. "I just know what you are going to order."

"No you don't."


I pause. "Okay so what do you think I am going to order?"

Another smile. Or maybe it was a continuation of the previous smile. "The special with the grouper on a bed of mashed potatoes with asparagus on the side. Except you'll ask for a substitute for the asparagus."

I shook my head. He doesn't know me that well. "Actually," I said. "I was thinking of getting something other than seafood tonight." I open the menu and quietly begin scanning the dishes.

I scan and scan. C'mon. There has to be something that sounds better than the grouper.



After not being able to eat seafood during my ten months of pregnancy (I have no idea why), I have become a sucker for a good grouper. Add a great carb like mashed potatoes, and I can't think of one single thing that sounds better.

"What is it?" JB asks.

I shake my head but feel the frustration growing. I realize as I read the other entree options that I really do want the grouper. And I really do want the green beans instead of the asparagus.



Eleven years of marriage and maybe he does know me a little bit.

Waitress wanders back, and I reveal the inevitable. JB tries not to smirk too hard. But he can't help it. I order the special with a different side.

Go figure.

I guess fifteen years together will do that you.

In 1985 boy's family sends him to Fort Lauderdale Christian School where girl already goes to school. In 1993 boy and girl go on first date. In 1995 girl leaves for college in Kentucky. In early 1997 boy moves to Kentucky to keep an eye on girl. In 1998 boy and girl are married in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In 1999 boy and girl relocate to Franklin, Kentucky. In 2003, boy and girl move to Rochester, Minnesota. In 2008 they receive first miracle one month before they celebrate a decade as man and wife. They find out about second miracle one week before the decade celebration. In 2009, boy and girl go to eleventh anniversary dinner. This time next year boy and girl will be moving somewhere new with their two little miracles (and big puppy) in tow.

As eleventh anniversary comes to a close today, girl wants boy to know how blessed she is that he didn't give up on her. That he followed her to Kentucky and fell in love with her and stood by her during five hard years of infertility treatments and tons of hormones and emotions and frustrations and fights. Girl wants to thank boy for being her best friend. For never giving up on them. For treating her like she never deserved to be treated.

And for knowing that she'd order the grouper without the asparagus.

Happy anniversary JB! I'll love you forever.


Rene said...

:) Happy Anniversary

Kendra said...

So Sweet! Happy Anniversary... it was great to see you guys and your two sweet miracles today!

Anonymous said...

You need to try asparagus broiled in olive oil with salt and pepper. Totally good.

David and Lesley said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Joia said...

Aww.. this is such a sweet post! =) Happy Anniversary - can't believe I spent half the day with you today and didn't say this once! What a bad friend I am... =0/

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post!!! Wendi, you are the BEST writer!!! Happy Anniversary you two love birds!!I agree with you, green beans are way better than asparagus :) N

TAV said...

you guys are too cute. as always, i hope someday i am blessed with a marriage even half as sweet as yours.

Anonymous said...

Happy "Belated" Anniversary,...see you on Friday!!

rachel said...

Hope you had a great anniversary!!

Just Believing said...

So sweet! Happy Anniversary and what an amazing man to know you so well :) He obviously pays attention to the small things in life and what better hubby is there than that :)

AW said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary you two. Good husbands (and fathers) are hard to find. I think you and I are VERY blessed! ;-)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...


I love/hate it when Ryan does this kind of stuff to me!

God is SO kind! :)

And I am with you...Grouper is AWESOME!

Stacy said...

Awesome post. Loved reading it!