Thursday, June 04, 2009


First of all, thank you all sooo much for all your great comments to yesterday's post. I'm working on a follow-up post that I'll share in the next day or so.

Yesterday Jocelyn spent the morning with us so her Mom could help volunteer at big sister Madison's school. Here are some fun photos from the day:

If I could be guaranteed that any child I babysat would be like Jocelyn, I would do it all the time. She is soooo easy. She plays well with Isaac and by herself, likes to watch movies with me (we watched 101 Dalmatians while both boys were asleep,) and she listens well and totally goes with the flow. And now that she is potty-trained, it is even better! The only time it felt like I was watching a third child was when my Dad was taking a shower and I needed to go to the bathroom. Jocelyn, Scrubs, AND Isaac wanted to go with me. I opted for shutting them all out which Jocelyn took in stride but caused Scrubs and Isaac did not.

Someone asked me in a previous comment about Scrubs since I hadn't mentioned him since we returned from our trip. He is home and back in his groove. We went and picked him up from dog camp on Tuesday morning bright and early. He slept about two days straight again after playing so hard for an entire week but he is now back to his normal self. They said that he is GREAT at dog camp and plays so hard with other dogs that they will eventually force him into the air conditioning for a few hours so he doesn't overheat. That's my Scrubby!

Also, I wanted to tell you all that it is currently 7:07 am and BOTH my boys are still asleep. This has, honestly, NEVER happened to me before. Usually one of them (and that's often Elijah) is up by about 5:30-6:00. Elijah is now sleeping swaddle free since he can roll over and we didn't want him to roll over with his arms trapped. He is taking his last feed around 8:30 or 9:00 and for the last two days has slept until at least 6:00am. Keeping my fingers crossed for more days like these ...

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