Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy 13th Anniversary John

Today, JB and I celebrate 13 years of marriage in different countries. I am so blessed that John chose me to be his wife so many years ago. I am so blessed that we were able to spend ten years together, growing up and growing in the Lord and in each other, before we added children to our lives. And, of course, I am so blessed to get to be a parent with John -- something I did not if I would have the chance to do.

I thought I would provide just a few bullet points of our lives in celebration of 13 years of marriage (and 17 years together).

Here are the facts as I know them:

  • First date: December, 1993

  • First kiss: February, 1994

  • Long distance relationship: May 1995 through January 1997 (I was playing basketball in Kentucky and he was finishing Art School in South Florida)

  • Married in Kentucky: June 20, 1998

  • Moved to Minnesota: Summer, 2003

  • Moved to Eglin AFB: Summer, 2007

  • First dog: July, 2007

  • First son: May 7, 2008

  • Second son: January 31, 2009

  • Moved to Turkey: Summer 2010

  • First daughter: Summer, 2011

Some of our favorite vacations:

  • WEST COAST: We did a two week trip from Kentucky to Catalina Island in California with stops at the Grand Canyon, Yoesmite, Rocky Mountain National Park and tons more!

  • EAST COAST: We did a two week trip from Kentucky to Vermont with stops in New York City, Washington DC, Roy & Joan's home in Vermont, and tons more!

  • EUROPE: We chaperoned the senior class trip to Europe in 2007: England, France, Switzerland, and Italy. Amazing!

  • CRUISING: We cruised to Mexico and the Bahamas.

  • SINCE TURKEY: Since moving to Turkey the travel has been endless: a week along the Mossel River in Germany, Spain, Izmir/Ephesus, Cappadocia. Truly trips I'll never forget

My favorite anniversary:

  • For our third anniversary, JB surprised me with a day at a spa and then a room at the Opryland Hotel (where we had spent the first night of our honeymoon) in Nashville, TN. We were dead broke at the time so he had planned it months and months ahead of time. I thought we'd eat at some fast food joint so this was a huge surprise. The night in Opryland tipped off our East Coast trip referred to above. I had no idea we were leaving for vacation a day earlier so JB was forced to pack for me. He packed every single toiletry item I had in the bathroom just to make sure that he didn't miss anything.


TAV said...

aww. Happy Anniversary to perhaps my favorite couple ever! miss you guys!

Seeliger Family Blog said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lots of love!