Saturday, June 20, 2015

We Bought a Farm: A Night Away

Thanks to an amazing father and mother-in-law, JB and I were able to take a night away for our anniversary. 

Actually JB told me about this little trip at the last minute, and I, being a bit blonde, said to him, "Isn't that awesome that this getaway overlapped withe our anniversary?"

And JB replied, "Ummm ... Wendi? That was sort of the point."

Oh. Ok. Of course it was. Duh. 

We drove to a delightful little town about an hour away, had an amazing dinner, and saw a fantastic play entitled: Mary's Wedding. This was a two person play in a theatre that sat only about 100 people. So intimate and moving and amazing. JB had booked a room at a hotel he had stayed at previously and had really wanted me to experience. It was awesome. We "slept in". (Does 7am count as sleeping in?) and then had breakfast before driving home. 

(We also had a nice date-stop at the Tractor Supply Store on the way home.)

'Tis our new life.

Can I tell you how rejuvenated I feel as a mother after less than 24 hours away from my kiddos? It is amazing what sitting down for uninterrupted conversation and quality time with my husband did for my endurance in this amazing role God has given me. I feel like I can do six more weeks no problem before I need this break again.

While we were gone, Mom snapped a couple a pictures of Abigail teaching Hannah how to dance. Seriously. Are these really my daughters?

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