Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Funnies

Hannah's weekly contribution to Friday Funnies


Sidge: "Why can't I take a bath with Abigail anymore?"
Me: "Well, as you get older, you stop taking baths with people who aren't boys."
Isaac: "Like you and Daddy. You are a girl and boy. So you don't take baths together. Right?"


Sidge: "Isaac wasn't in your tummy, was he?"
Me: "No, he wasn't."
Sidge: "Because he was adopted."
Me: "Exactly. But even though he didn't grow in my belly, he grew in my heart."
Isaac: "I did?"
Me: "Well not for real, but my love for you was so big it was growing and growing while we were waiting for you to be born."
Isaac: "Okay. Because I was thinking, if I were in your heart, I wouldn't have fit real good. I woulda been basically squished."

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Anonymous said...

These are PRICELESS!!! Kids are so logical arent they?? :)Glad you are writing them down so the kids can laugh when they read them years down the road!! n