Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Homeschool update

I am amazed at how different our little lady is then her two big brothers. The boys never tried to write letters before we started learning them purposefully. But Abigail, on her own, has started writing letters and asking for help in writing her name. My plan had always been to start her a year late for school since she is a summer birthday. But honestly, I'm not sure she can wait an extra year. She is totally ahead of the game in comparison to her big brothers.

The picture above is her first real try at writing her name. She's done some on her own before, but this time, she actually asked me to tell her the letters or show her the letters so she can write them. (The "A" above is mine. The rest if her's.) I have not pushed this at all. My plan has always been to wait until August and then start working on a letter of the week with her.

As for homeschooling, we took two weeks off when we moved, but since then, we have been doing 2 hour days or a 10 hour week. (A normal homeschool week includes 4 hour days or 20 hours a week.) I decided to work through the summer in order to give myself flexibility during the school year. When we have family come in to visit or when JB has a few days off during the week, we can then opt. to not homeschool that week. A real luxury to the homeschooling lifestyle.

I'm also excited because we "got into" a homeschool co-op which meets every Monday beginning in August in the "big town" about 30 minutes away. They were very full, and I was concerned I wouldn't get in, but we did which means we should be able to stay with the program all the way through our kids' graduations if the program continues on and we choose to stay in. People who are already in get to register first so ... phew ... we are in! I love the idea of the kids actually having kids they will be in school with and kids that they will graduate with. 

Each Monday the kids go to three classes. Hannah goes to a nursery, Abigail to a Pre-K class, and the boys to first grade classes we chose either because it was the only option left or because it was something I though they'd enjoy. It'll be one day a week that I don't have to school them. However, I will be present with them as I will be assigned to work somewhere while the kids are in school.

For now we are enjoying a summer break with very little work -- other than farm chores which will be a big part of our life now.

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