Thursday, December 23, 2010


If you wonder if God is truly in control, read below. I thought I would share two "coincidences" that I believe are more than just a mere chance event.

Both of these things happened on the exact day we found out we were expecting again.

The first was that, the day we found out we were pregnant, we were scheduled to call Mayo Clinic and discuss returning for some of our embryos in the spring. The exact same day! We were going to go over to Shane & Linda's and use their magicjack to make the call! How amazing is that? God really does have things scheduled on His time table doesn't he?

The second was that, the morning of our positive test, I received an email from a long-time family friend. Veronica is the daughter of our great friends in Minnesota Ron & Ebby Ray. We have known Veronica since she was four-years-old, and in fact, lived in the same house with her for a year when we first moved to Minnesota. Anyways, she just graduated from high school and was hoping to "see the world" a bit. She asked via Facebook message if I might be interested in her being our live-in nanny for a year or so.

I didn't think much of her message until later that evening, when I took that positive pregnancy test. I emailed her back and told her that we were in fact, very interested. Long story short, it appears that if everything goes as we hope on her end and on our end, Veronica may be moving to Turkey to live with us as early as March! She would stay with us, help with the kids, travel with us, and just get to explore a different part of the world for at least a year of her life.

Veronica is working on her passport and some things on her end. We've been meeting with the legal office and some other places here on Base trying to get things sorted out on our end. We are excited about the possibility of having another set of hands available around here. We just don't think we can look a gift horse in the mouth!

Just a few fun tid-bits that, to me, illustrate God's perfect plan! He really does have things figured out way before we do.


Rachel and Hans said...

Wow! How neat to have Veronica come and stay with you. A great experience for both ends, I would think!

June said...

I am so glad that you are getting nanny help. Seriously, I was getting a little worried about you. I know we don't know each other at all, but with a toddler and twins of my own, I was feeling your pain (and hey, I let the day care take care of them while I work). A nanny will be such a huge load off of you (and JB, too). In my case, I found everything goes more smoothly when there is a second person around.

Grama Di said...

I wish I could be the Nanny but those Rays are awesome! It will be great for all!

Aimee said...

I have been out of the loop in keeping up with blogging and my fellow bloggers, so I was surprised tonight at this news and had to go back and see when you told us. It was the day after I checked your blog last! Go figure!
Anyway, AWESOME to hear the news, am thrilled for all of you. Yes, the plan is totally God's and only He knows the ultimate destination. Am hopeful that the nanny situation will work for you.

Lord, protect Wendi during this second miracle pregnancy. Please let the nausea go away. Help the boys to be helpful and good listeners. Help the governments on both continents work in Your time to let all this paperwork just be a breeze.
We thank You for all Your many blessing you give.

TAV said...

how cool to maybe have veronica with you!

Susan said...

I ran across this on Facebook. It is a great song and the words behind it are even better! Merry Christmas;)