Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

There is something called "Club Membership" here on Base. If you are a "Club Member" you can participate in all these extra perks on Base. I think this is something that most Bases have, but only on a small Base like this do you actually participate in enough events to make it worth while. (And here, they give you an Internet discount and it is basically equal to the monthly cost of membership.)
This morning was the monthly Club breafkast. We made sure to go, especially because Santa was going to be there!
Isaac telling Santa all about his little "fire dog" cars that he got from Uncle Ray and Aunt Gabbi. We thought he'd want nothing to do with Santa, but he actually thought Santa was a very funy idea!

Is that a bit of a smile from Isaac for a photo? Could it be?

Elijah, who has not been feeling well, did not want to take a picture with Santa. So JB sat down with him on his lap and Santa snuck in behind him!

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