Friday, December 31, 2010

Laughter to close out 2010

I hope to complete my "year in pictures" in the next few days, but for now, I'll close out a great 2010 with a few smiles from two very popular men in my life.


Isaac: "I love you Mommy. And I love pluto (play-dough."


Mommy while changing Isaac's diaper. "Oh, Isaac, You have diarrhea."

Isaac: "It's not diarrhea. It's poop."


Isaac walking around wearing his pretend stethoscope. "I'm a doctor just like daddy. I make people feel better."

Mommy: "You do?"

Isaac: "Oh yes!"


Elijah has been using the phrase "Got them!" to express his excitement at catching bubbles. The only thing is, "Got them!" in Elijah grunts sounds more like "God ___." Not good. He also says his friend "Aksel's" name like another bad word.


Isaac to Mommy as she emerged from the bathroom she often shares with little kids and dog: "Did you go potty all by yourself Mommy?"


Isaac: "There's a baby in your belly Mommy. Do you like babies?"

Mommy: "Yes, I like babies."

Isaac: "Do you like ice cream?"



Anonymous said...

You better not let Elijah play bubbles with Aksel ;-)

Nancy, Jeremy, Jack, and Julianne said...


Brittny said...

so cute!!!!!!!