Thursday, December 16, 2010


Many people I know now didn't know me then. They didn't know me during our years of infertility, during our adoption, or during our miracle pregnancy. They keep asking me about my body and pregnancy.

So for all of you out there who have never seen me with a basketball stuck under my shirt, here I was back in December of 2008. Isaac is about seven months old. And I am due to deliver in just about one month. You can read the previous post here that I wrote and see more pictures if you are very interested.

I cannot believe how little Isaac is in this picture. Last night we had some friends over for dinner and they had a tiny baby in a swing. I realized that this time everything will be different. I will have toddlers. I will be having to teach them how to share Mommy. How to be gentle with the new baby. How to accept the new baby. How to understand why Mommy isn't able to run or wrestle as easily as she did before.

Isaac was just a baby the first time we did this. But now he is understanding. When we told him that I had a baby in my belly he said, "Mommy, there's no baby in your belly, okay?" And then he changed his mind and said, "What's it gonna be?"

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Jess said...

I agree, this time it's very very different. Since we've had a few troubles this pregnancy I've been cringing every time something seems to go poorly and I think of having to break bad news to the kids (who we told maybe around 12-15w). Right now we're in the arguing-what-the-baby-is stage, and they are playing "pregnant" a lot. Had to break it to Ethan that he couldn't get pregnant and he was heartbroken. Sorry, buddy.

I also think that it might be somewhat easier for the kids than a (true, raised alone) single because they have never (that they can remember) HAD undivided attention and have never BEEN able to NOT share things. I also think they will at least have each other if I'm busy, you know?

I think it makes it scarier this time to REALLY know what you could lose. Having them makes me know how awesome it can be, and I want it for them, and I want it for me.