Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dressin' up

Got some pictures to share with you all. Firstly, Joni sent some p.j.'s for the boys in the mail. They loved them and wanted to put them on instantly. Check 'em out:

I think this is my new all-time favorite picture of our Elijah Luke.

And I had to put this one up too.

Isaac wanted the p.j.'s on but that insisted that I change the feet around because they were backwards! I kept trying to explain (to a two-year-old) that that was impossible. He got upset. Then he just got in a bad mood. In our house, once a bad mood has passed the point of reasoning, it moves to time-out. Here is Isaac in his pajamas in time-out crying about nothing at all. I just love this picture! (Except for that big scratch he has on his face. He had some eczema that he scratched in his sleep.)

Here's Elijah in p.j.'s and boots (can you tell he put them on himself) and his backpack. He has just spotted Isaac with the coolest milk cup and he is on a mission to take it from him. All business!

Backpacks, boots, and hats have become everyday wear around these parts.

Here is Elijah. He has talked Isaac into giving him the super cool milk cup. Isaac is not happy. He wants it back. While dodging Isaac, Elijah spills his milk. He is trying to clean it up. Drama!

Elijah earlier that day wearing JB's shoes, caps, and his car backpack and playing with another backpack. Craziness!


Cha Cha B said...

I love those jammies! Those boys look adorable in them. Joni rocks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet laugh!
love Tante Jan

grama di said...

I love my boys!!