Friday, December 10, 2010

Lights on

5:30am. I hear noises coming from the nursery. I walk in. Elijah is looking for his pacifier. Isaac looks furious at his brother for waking him up. I think to myself that if I find Elijah's pacifier, we have a chance (albeit slim) of both boys returning to slumber. I fumble around in the dark, find the pacifier, kiss Isaac, give Elijah the pacifier, and slide out of their room.

I snuggle up next to JB and say, "We may have a chance at another 30 minutes of sleep. I think they may go back to sleep."

But ten minutes later they are jabbering like crazy. I return to the room to discover that on my way out of their room I had turned the light on. On I tell you! What a moron! Of course they didn't go back to sleep when Mommy had turned the light to their room on! How I accidentally turned it on is one thing. But how I didn't notice I did it is another item entirely.

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Anonymous said...

I have done that before when I have put the kids to bed. Usually though at that time they are tired and want to sleep so about 10 minutes later they yell - "Mommy, my light is still on...". I never know quite how I miss that when I leave the room, but I've done it too.
lol! Hope you can catch a nap today...