Sunday, December 12, 2010

Medical Christmas Party

Saturday afternoon was the 39th Medical Group's Annual Children's Christmas Party. It went from 12-3, and despite great effort on our part, naps were not to be had before the party. As a result, JB left early with the boys while I stayed to help with the Santa Pictures (my assigned task.)

The boys did, however, have a fabulous time, and while Elijah may have been impressed by Santa, I am pretty sure Isaac would have gone into complete rivolt at the idea of sitting on some strange man's lap.

The boys eating ... junk and more junk. (Although we did manage a plate of fruit prior to the M&M's.) Isaac insisted on holding all the M&M's in his hand. The kid is a sweet-a-holic.

Here's the plate of fruit -- proof we did fit it in. These hats folks, are NOT my doing. The boys insist on wearing them everywhere. (They fight over who gets which one. They rotate daily in which one is most popular.) They also tilt them to the side or put them on backwards as I think they can't see if the bill is in front of them.

Isaac wanted to make a candy bag with JB. Here they are working on it.

And here he is hidden behind that silly hat! (Thanks for sending those Mom!)

Elijah thought face painting was a fabulous idea, as you can see from the pictures below. However, Isaac wasn't having none of that!

Elijah sat so still. He was so excited!

Picking out the color he wants. That's my friend Tina's 2nd oldest daughter. Her oldest daughter Hannah babysits for us quite a bit.

So funy to watch him doing this. He kept telling Rachel that she was giving him a boo-boo.

It was while I was at the party that, in conversation with other women there, I discovered that the party I was attending that evening with just JB for the medical group was more of a "gala-style" event isntead of a "casual event." In other words, my idea to wear a skirt with a sweater was probably not a good one. Ugh! That's not something you want to find out with 3 hours before event time.

So on the way home from the kids' party, I stopped at the Turkish Beauty Salon on Base. (Side note: In Turkey, it is the men who do hair. Not the women. Almost without exception.) I went in, not feeling good from all-day-morning-sickness, and asked the guy who did my hair if he could attempt to help me feel a bit prettier than I currently did. I had no idea what he shold do with my hair or how I wanted it or even what I was wearing for sure.

He worked some wonders for $12. I'll get to that post tomorrow. Picture loading here on Base is so unbelievably random in the length it takes to load them. Some days it is fast. Other days, like today, it has taken me all day to load these pictures. It all depends on how many people on Base are trying to Skype home while I am loading photos.

... more Christmas joy to come.

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David and Lesley said...

Wen, love the posts, love the hats! We got 18 inches of snow here, and the Metrodome roof collapsed under the weight of it. Thinking of you! :)