Monday, December 13, 2010

Medical Christmas Party

Well folks, as mentioned in a previous post, Saturday evening was the Christmas party for the medical group here at Incirlik. It's amazing how many people are involved in people's health. I am not good at numbers but I would estimate there were between 100-150 people for the event. It was a very fun evening! There were games and activities and food. What else could you want? We also won one door prize and at my prodding, JB agreed to participate in a game which resulted in a quite snazzy digital camera. (All he had to do was imitate an owl and a penguin and find his matching person who had the same animal. How easy is that?)

As I also mentioned earlier, I had no idea that this was a formal event until just a few hours beforehand. I dropped-in at the Turkish beauty salon on Base and pulled out the black dress from my friend Michelle's wedding and made the best attempt I could at looking put-together in a very short period of time.

This will be the last time I wear this dress for quite some time. It is true that baby #2 starts protruding much faster than baby #1. The dress will need to be retired for at least a year.

I think it is quite obvious (to me at least) that I already look a bit pregnant here.

This is a great friend of mine, Tina. She has five children. Her oldest daughter, Hannah, was babysitting for us that evening. She is a wonderful Christian gal with a lot of parenting knowledge that I am always willing to "steal"!

This is Tina and her husband Mark. They live just around the block from us. It was so fun to sit next to them for the dinner.

This is Andrea, a fellow doctor, with JB. Nick couldn't make it due to his family just returning from the States and Linda was out-of-town. So Andrea and JB held down the fort.

Not the best picture of us, but an attempt at least. (And I wanted to show you the cool thing this guy did with my hair.)


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! Love the hair, and wow, you are really "pouching" out already!

Anonymous said...

You are glowing with your pregnancy.

Joy Z said...

Love the hair, love the dress, love the necklace, love the prego belly and love you!