Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's official . . .

Well, it is official.

JB is a third year resident. A last year resident. This week he began his residency year for the final time.

Wow. I really can't believe it. I knew it would go fast, but it has flown by. Tuesday, Clay & Brittney left town (as did the other graduating residents) signifying the end to JB's second year and the beginning of his third. It also starts the "real" beginning of his duties as chief resident -- a position he is sharing with two other great people: Philip (Joia's husband) and Kacey C.

In addition to starting his third year, he is also blessed to be on a mucccchhhh easier rotation than the one he was on the two weeks prior. He is actually coming home before dark folks. Woah. To celebrate, we decided to go to the mall for "Family Night" since I had to get something at a store there anyways.

Joan gave me a really cool camera bag that allows me to take my good camera in the diaper bag. So now I have my camera with me more often. I actually took some photos of our night out.

JB and Isaac on the carousal. Check it out Joia! They got on a tiger. I told JB that the little kids never get on the cool tigers because, as you had told me, all the big kids race to get them first. JB decided to prove that little kids can get them too. He did quite a speed walk to earn the coveted tiger! :)

Here I am with a smiley Elijah. This is an outfit from my Aunt Linda. Linda it is ADORABLE. I actually had some camo shoes I wanted to put on with it, at least for the photo, but Elijah didn't like the idea much, and I wasn't in the mood to upset him for no good reason. Linda also got an outfit just like this for Isaac. Unfortunately, Isaac's is a bit too big while our new little Chubba, Elijah, is already busting out of his (look at the stomach -- it sticks out of anything that isn't a onesie.)

The closest I could get to a picture of JB and Isaac.

After the mall, we headed home. JB put Isaac right into his PJ's. Isaac then came right to me, insisting that he get his shoes on again. He actually did this this afternoon, but only wanted one of them on. So he walked around with one shoe on for over an hour. This time, he wanted his sandals on, while he played with his tennis shoes. He's really getting a mind of his own!

At the close of the evening, JB completed his second night of "studying 9 pages worth of material." He is doing his best to break apart this big study book in 9 page segments for a test he has to take in a couple of months. I'm really proud of him. Test taking has never been his thing, and I have promised to help him stay motivated to study for this one in small increments.


Erica said...

Wow!! Congrats John! That's so hard to believe that you only have ONE year left! We only have 1 year left too!...well, plus 5 years of residency and 1 year of fellowship, but who's counting? :) Med school has definitely flown by for us, and I bet residency went even faster for you guys. Seriously, though, that's awesome!

the girl with the bad lung said...

Yay for John's last year!

Test taking has never been my thing either, so I can completely sympathize with John.