Friday, July 31, 2009

Six Months Old

Well this was the closest we captured to a good picture of Elijah during our not-so-happy-photographic session yesterday. I really feel like I am unable to capture Elijah's "jolly" personality either on film or camera. He has a hearty chuckle and a grin that just says, "If you kiss me or hold me, I'll be your friend forever." He's grabbing at things, scooting backwards, rolling all over the place, starting to try to sit up, and in love with his big brother. Nothing can make him cry harder than hearing Isaac cry or laugh harder than seeing Isaac laugh. I'm so blessed by both my boys! Happy half a year Elijah Luke.


Kendra said...

SO CUTE is he!

Kelli said...

Happy half-birthday, Elijah!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

He is a cutie! Feels like we haven't seen you guys in forever...I love his smile. We used to have the same trouble with Bubba! :) So nice to hear how he and his big brother love one another!

HAPPY 6 months Elijah!
Hope you have a great trip home.