Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend update

It's Saturday afternoon. JB and Isaac have headed to Seaside. JB needs to register for his race which is tomorrow. A half-marathon! He hasn't even run it yet, and I am already incredibly proud of him. Especially considering he hasn't been able to train quite as intently as of recent due to the events surrounding the last month of both of our lives.

I am quite disappointed, but I am not going to be able to go to the race tomorrow. I was planning on going and taking both the boys, but it is going to be very cold (for these parts.) Thirties overnight and only into the forties by the time the race starts. And with windchill and wind speeds, it's going to be an absolutely miserable race morning for a mom and two young babies. I really want to see JB cross the finish line, but you have to park your car and shuttle in which means I'll be forced to be outside, in the cold, with both children, for over three hours. I'd be forced to breastfeed outside in that cold as well! Both JB and I think it is better that we stay home. Bummer!

I am contemplating attempting to go to church by myself tomorrow morning. I'll see how courageous I am come morning time and how I am feeling. I know there would be plenty of people willing to help me once I arrive if one boy or the other is having a difficult morning. Our church has the children stay in the service during worship. This wasn't a real issue when it was just Isaac and he was little. The kid was the quietest kid ever. But now that he is older and babbling, and now that he has a little brother who doesn't think quiet is nearly as important, it's a whole new ball game! After worship, Isaac heads to nursery, and Elijah stays with me. I can listen to service from inside or I can go to a nursing mother's room where there is a speaker for you to hear the service.

Speaking of my health, today, officially marks four weeks since my c-section. This is the date my doctor releases me from some of my restrictions. I am now allowed to drive! It would seem terribly frustrating to not be able to drive, but quite honestly, there haven't been too many places I wanted to go, and we've had a guest here the whole time that was able to do the driving for me if I did want to go somewhere.

I am also now able to lift my Isaac. I realized that I misread Dr. G's note at his doctor's appointment. He is not 29 pounds but 22. Still too much for me to carry around until today. I am still supposed to "only carry when necessary" which means in and out of the crib, up and off of the changing table, in and out of the car, but it still feels so good to be able to pick him up when he crawls over to me, grabs onto my pants, stands up, and holds his arms up wanting Mommy! I really missed being able to hold him.

I still have another two weeks before I am able to go for walks, walk the dog, vacuum (shucks!), or do any really strenuous activities. I am really starting to look forward to being able to go on a walk with all my boys, stop at the bay, and maybe even take a trek to the park. I know it will be quite some time before I am able to run again, but walking will suit me just fine.

I feel like I am currently operating at about 80-85% of my full capacity. I still have some GI issues that have been plaguing me and the area surrounding my incision is still a bit sensitive and limiting, but otherwise, I am doing really well! The improvement since I have come home is amazing, and I look forward to seeing where I am in one more month's time.

JB and I actually signed up yesterday for the Eglin AFB Gate to gate 4.4 mile run/walk on Memorial Day, May 25th. JB has signed up to run it. I have signed up to walk it. Anyone interested in joining me? It's a 4.4 mile walk from one the east gate of Eglin AFB to the west! JB has also signed up for a mini triathlon in June. I was thinking I'd like to do it with him, but we just aren't sure I'll be ready for that yet even though the bike, run, and swim are all fairly short distances that most people should be able to do without intensive training. At least the boys and I will be able to watch him participate!

All right. Time to get some stuff done around the house while Isaac is gone. It is amazing how different the house feels when just one of my little guys isn't here. Totally changes everything!

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Hope to see you tomorrow. We will take either or both boys off your hands upon arrival at church!!! :)

Can you send a camera with JB? I guess you can always get a pic with his number when her arrives home.
Love you :)