Monday, February 02, 2009

One more night (Joia again)

I just talked to Wendi, and, as much as she would love to be home, Dr. G. would like her to stay one more night. She said, "I look like I'm 25 weeks pregnant again!" Apparently her abdomen is quite distended because her bowels have "forgotten how to work properly." They've given her something to help this along, and hopefully they'll give her the green light to go home in the morning.

Elijah is officially discharged already, since he's doing so well, but is allowed to stay for "bonding reasons". =) He won't have to have his vitals taken regularly or anything any more, so that's good news for him... I bet Wendi is jealous. =)

She just asked that people would pray that the night goes well, and that her body starts functioning properly again so she can go HOME!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Joia. We have all been going through withdrawal today without any word.

Praise the Lord that Elijah has been discharged.

I hope that Wendi isn't too much "outta gas" and can go home in the morning.

I will keep on praying for her.

Kendra said...

Wendi I hope your night goes well and I will be praying for quick healing... and some good rest before going home!

AW said...

Uggs. I remember the distended bowel issues after surgery and days of painkillers. I remember Colace helping at the time.

So glad it's so close to going home time. I know she's anxious to get into her own home and routine.

Jenny said...

Oh the joys the little ones do bring...=).

I hope your home in a flash, it will be a great feeling to pull in the driveway.

Thanks again for the updates!

Bethany said...

Praying that the night goes well and things start working. I remember after I had the boys I had an extra 3 nights stay. I was pretty sad when I found out I hadn't lost any weight after I delivered because of all the water weight I had gained from my preeclampsia. They had me drinking so much water that I was miserable. Anyway, it's hard to stay in the hospital when all you want is to go home.

PTL! that Elijah is doing so well. You're still in our prayers


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Praying that your night goes well and you are soon home!
Love ya! :)

andnotbysight said...

So glad Elijah's doing so well! Praying for quick healing for you, Wendi!