Friday, February 27, 2009

Park outing

On one of Joan's last days here, we took the van to the park on base. She had been taking walks there with Isaac regularly, but I can't walk that far yet. So while JB watched a sleeping and well-fed Elijah, we headed to the park. It was so wonderful to get out of the house and see Isaac outside laughing.

I remember when we moved to Eglin last summer, I saw this park and the waterpark that accompanies it and said outloud to JB that it was a shame we'd never have a child we could take to play there during our three years on base. What a blessing that we'll be able to watch our little Isaac play there all because Bri chose us to be his Dad and Mom! Adoption rocks!

Here's some photos from our excursion:

Isaac tried the slide with Joanie. He wasn't so sure about it.

Big giggles for Mommy.

Isaac thought riding by himself was just okay. I think it made him a bit nervous.

They have this really cool super big swing that you can sit in WITH your child! How cool is that?! It's way comfortable and Isaac liked it best of all!


Amy T. S. said...

E love love LOVES the swings and A hates it. If you put him in he looks petrified and says, "Out." He won't even swing with me in a big kid swing.

The park will be your best friend very soon!

Joy Z said...

Oh, I love that park! We've only been a couple of times since we're not military, but now Vic works for the Navy Exchange and we are able to get on all the bases. Perhaps we can all go together in a couple of months, when things get a little more back to normal for you!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

EVERYONE loves that big red swing! Danny was just commenting on it the other day with us. That park is great. One of our FAVORITE hang outs with the Iturburus...esp. in summer time with the water!