Sunday, February 08, 2009

Birthdays all around

Well Tante Jan. Elijah was one day late of being born on your big day. He did, however, get to enter the world on his Uncle Grant's birthday. (Grant is married to JB's older sister Elizabeth.) I just wanted to wish Janet and Grant a belated birthday while also wishing Nancy and Gabbi a good birthday today. Happy birthday all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bday wishes!! I am so glad you are home Wendi and give yourself afew more days and you will get back to normal! As normal as it can be with 2 beautiful boys to enjoy!!! That Isaac is just too cute, checking out his new brother! I LOVED those pictures!!!looking forward to all you new posts coming up! We MISSED you blogging but Joia did a great job!! And JB too! Love Ya N.

Gabbs said...

Thanks for the bday wish! Yay. Happy birthday me. (and Nancy, too, since she does share my bday!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wen! I was actually rooting for Jan 31 so he wouldn't have to share a bdy and his would be all his own! (we will let it be that I was unselfish, not that I was worried noone would ever think of my bdy again after he stole the show!) But if I had known he was going to share it with an uncle anyway, I would not have been so selfless!