Saturday, February 07, 2009

Nine months / One week

JB has set me up with a little computer/feeding area in our bedroom. Due to a week worth of IV fluids and an excess loss of blood, my legs and feet are incredibly swollen. I therefore must have them elevated as much as possible. JB's laptop and a rocker with foot stool, does the trick!

I have so much to write/say, but info, for now, will have to come in short bursts. When I can really focus, I'm sure I'll make sense of all the thoughts flying through my mind. For now, here's a burst for you during my first full day home.

* * *

Isaac and Grama K. stopped by to visit me on Friday a few hours before I was released. What a blessing that Brittney and Mom were willing to bring him by any free chance they got. Not being able to hold him was hard, but I so enjoyed watching him play during our brief visits.

Yesterday was just one day shy of Isaac's nine month anniversary and Elijah's one week. Here are some photos to celebrate the occasion.

Isaac has not used a pacifier since he was about six weeks old -- he just quit liking them.

But when he saw his baby brother's, he somehow knew exactly what to do with it.

While he was at it, time to steal a hat too!
"C'mon! Wake up little bro so we can play!"

Nine months and counting!

Nine months and a big brother! What could be better?


Amy T. S. said...

Look, they're best friends already! This morning we were all rolling around on the bed and my guys were wrestling each other like crazy. They kiss and hug and are excited to see each other after an absence. It's awesome! You're going to have so much fun!

The Woodfords said...

Very sweet pictures, Wendi! Welcome home, and hope recovery comes quickly for you!

Anonymous said...

So sweet Wen! I'm curious how Scrubs is handling all the changes?

Jess said...

NOTHING could be better! What fabulous pics!!

cassi said...

I love those pictures! He is such a sweet big brother- and so smiley!