Saturday, February 28, 2009

One month

Pretty hard to believe but today marks Elijah's first month in the world. Joia took these pictures on Tuesday -- a few days shy of one month but quite within qualifying time in my opinion.

I think the general consensus is that Isaac looks like JB. However, to be honest, I don't see either of us. Both JB and I have thought he looks most like my brother Keith. I actually thought it to myself and then JB admitted it outloud. Either way, it appears that both of our boys look a lot like JB and nothing like me. :)

Joia has such patience when taking pictures! Isn' this a great shot? It's funny because the one thing I told JB I wanted Elijah to get was JB's feet. Mine are so long and veiny and gangly. It appears however that our boy inherited my long feet and toes.

Elijah and his girlfriend Moriah. Isn't she gorgeous?

I love this picture! I don't love that Elijah is crying, but take a look at the paws that have jumped over the backside of the couch. This photo paints a prefect portrait of our puppy. He has to be in the middle of EVERYthing.

Keenan having a talk with Elijah. "What are your intentions for my sister, dude?" This pic also shows how long Elijah is even though he is over a month younger than Moriah.

The photographer (and her in-awe subject)!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable. I have to comment on the toes. I may be wrong, but, from the photo it appears he may have Huisman toes. The 3 toes in the middle have a mind of their own - aka: Monkey Feet. Evan & Matt have this trait. Let me know if Elijah does too. :D

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

LOVE These! E just said that Elijah looks like John. Come on Wendi, if my 8 year old can see it why can't you? :)
He is precious. Joia is a blessing...glad you have her!

Iturblog said...

Wow, one month already?! I think he looks like John too! What precious boys you have!