Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Girls

I consider it such an amazing honor, after getting two boys out of "toddler-dom" to now be able to guide two little girls in the same way. JB and I were very content with our boys. We never felt a need to have girls, and if we are being honest, we were a little spooked by the idea of raising daughters. I was especially considered about my girls being very tall as this was a very difficult thing for me growing up.

I am constantly pinching myself -- unable to believe that after all the infertility I get to be the mom of TWO boys and TWO girls! How is that possible? I feel lucky and undeserving and guilty and ecstatic all at the same time. This miracle is not lost on me and nights like last night, when it was cool enough to all be on the driveway -- just the six of us -- remind me of how much I love my kids.

Abigail is currently VERY into dancing. Anytime she hears music she feels a compulsion to get down and dance. She is talking so much and has a very extensive vocabulary (albeit she will still take speech this year as she has some pronunciation issues that can make her hard to understand sometimes.) She is sweet and very sensitive. We do not even need to punish her as a stern look does the trick. She loves her brothers. Loves her baby sister. And absolutely loves her Daddy. She really does light up a room when she walks into it.

Hannah is as silly as ever. (We are making it a point to not use the word crazy to describe her.) She can speak in full sentences -- like up to 10 words, and will actually have back and forth conversations with her parents and grandparents. She is incredibly opinionated and continually making us go, "Wow!" by the things she can do. We have raised four children, and without a doubt, she is the most "grown up" at this age of all of our children. She really seems like a four year old trapped in a little two year old body. She is snuggly and cuddly and seems like the leader of the bunch even though she's the littlest. 

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