Thursday, August 13, 2015

30 minutes in the life of Hannah

I have had such a hard time accurately painting Hannah on my Blog. She is such an incredible character.

Firstly she talks like CRAZY! An example? Yesterday I walked into her room, and she said: "Oh Mommy, where's my Bible book? Oh yeah. Hide and seek. Here it is. I found it." Her speech constantly cracks us up because she is this tiny person talking like a grown-up! I feel like I am good judge of my kids. I am not one to say they are advanced or ahead unless they really are. But when it comes to talking, this chick has blown my other three kiddos out of the water.

She is mischievous, daring, busy, energetic, cuddly, snuggly, and silly. She makes us laugh so hard one minute and five minutes later we are throwing our hands up in exasperation. At least once a day we totally lose her and go on an all-out "Hannah alert." She is not really interested in many activities. Her favorite thing to do is to simply move from one thing to another with about five minutes of interest for each activity.

I decided to take a series of videos to show you what life with Hannah is like. These videos were all taken within thirty minutes of each other. They were not staged whatsoever. This is simply Hannah. (Why she is wearing her brothers "tool" goggles is just part of the enigma that is Hannah.)

I hope these videos show what life with Hannah is like just a little more!


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Stefanie Mizrahi said...

I'd describe my daughter Paige in the exact same way. Especially when she was Hannah's age. Never a dull moment.