Monday, August 10, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Kids do it better

Yesterday, a rabbit bit the dust on our farm. It was an accident. But it was dead. And we didn't want the meat to go to waste.

JB came into the kitchen bearing the little rabbit. Sidge and Isaac both peeked in. Both asked some questions. Abigail is by far the most courageous and curious. "When you remove the skin, it looks like meat Daddy." She asked questions. She pet the rabbit. She has absolutely no fear or hesitations of any sort.

JB showed them were the heart was, the intestines, the liver. He continues to stand by his beliefs that kids should grow up learning to respect their food and understand it.

I don't disagree. But ...

Where was I?

Out of dodge I tell you. Out of dodge.

It really is quite pitiful when I stop and think of it. I eat meat. I believe God intended us to eat meat. I respect those of you who don't believe in eating meat, but I truly believe our body is not able to properly get the nutrients we need without meat.

But look at the animal that I am going to eat?

Nearly impossible.

The goose that we had to put down? JB cooked him. Cooked his goose! It made for a yummy strew. But eating it took a lot of prodding from JB. When I kept refusing, he basically told me I had to try it. Explained to me that it would help me mentally process what it was we were doing on the farm.

I'm trying. I've done more already than I ever dreamed I would have done. I've embraced this life more fully than I ever thought I would do -- especially just a few months in.

But I'm still just not accustomed to the nuances of this life.

I'm learning.

Baby steps.


MtnGirl said...

I totally understand where you are coming from! I watch shows like Alaska The Last Frontier and watch them chop the chicken's neck and eat it. They know that their animals have eaten, etc. and I do think we should be more responsible for the land and our food/animals. I wasn't raised by hunters, but I'm sure if we had been it would be easier.....Keep taking baby steps and don't get attached to the animals! ;-) (Easier said than done, I'm sure.....)

McKenzie B. said...

Cooked his goose! That literally made me laugh out loud. Thanks!