Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rent Legos Coupon

I heard about this lego renting idea a few months ago. I looked into it but decided against it. Last week I received an offer to try it for one month for free so I did, and we decided that this was a good financial move for our family. 

For $15 a month, my boys can rent all the sets they want. One comes at a time. As soon as they send one back, another one comes. We have told the boys that the decision to get this service means that we will not buy any more legos. If they want to save money and buy a set themselves, they can, but this will be our contribution to the lego world.

I did this for a couple of reasons.

1. We have SOOO many legos. The insanity has to stop somewhere.
2. I think legos are one of the greatest toys ever, and I want to keep inspiring my kids creativity. 
3. My kids have so many sets that they want to do but because of the cost, they will never be able to them all.

We chose the "mid-level" pley level. This is right at $15 a month for unlimited play.

They recently sent me a free coupon. Click here to save me 10% and you 10% as well!

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