Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wee-wind Wednesday

Today I wee-wind back to 2007 -- my last August 19th before I became a mom.

Hard to believe that eight years later, my today is filled with seven year old son, Isaac, drawing a picture of the world:

He LOVES geography. (Is obsessed with it actually!) and drew this on his own, without looking at anything. (I love how he tries to spells words himself.)

To all of you thinking your life will NEVER change ... to all of you thinking you are stuck where you are FOREVER ...

so did I.

And today I am hanging up a map of the world on my refrigerator!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Love Isaac's interpretation of the world!!! Very cool!! This is frameworthy! I love too, how he sounds out his own spelling! AWESOME!!! :) n