Thursday, August 06, 2015

It's time to go ...

... back to Tennessee.

What an amazingly relaxing week this was for me. The boys are not ready to leave. And if it weren't for how much I miss my husband and girls, I wouldn't be either. I have explained to the boys that when you don't want to leave, you have achieved a successful vacation.

All the ping-pong, boat rides, water gun fights, delicious dinners, and breezy lake air have left me so relaxed and rejuvenated as I prepare to return to my real world which includes double the kids and without a doubt, double the work.

I feel incredibly blessed that I have the support network that I do. My in-laws and husband are encouraging of these trips and me getting a break from the "same old, same old" that my "normal" life affords me. I actually already have a short break planned in September and November as well.

Sigh .... the blessing that this is is not lost on me. So many women and mothers working day in and day out with no break on the horizon. I salute you. You are my hero.

While Roy and Joni have always been very special in my life, there is no question that Isaac's adoption has unified us for life. People wonder how it feels to have a birth family involved?

It feels like family.

It feels like home.

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