Saturday, August 22, 2015

Once upon a time there was a blue hat

I'm not sure where "blue hat" even originated from. But while other kids had stuffed animals they hung onto tightly, Sidge always had his blue hat. For a period of about two years (ages 2-4) he wore that hat everywhere. In fact, we would use it as a punishment when we were out. "If you don't start acting right, I'm going to take your blue hat!"

Here were some pictures I found of Sidge in his best hat:

On Thursday, I took Abigail to ballet, and in order to make things a bit easier on Grama, I took Sidge with me. (Splitting up the kids is always a nice treat for the babysitter.) While driving down the road, I glanced into my rear view mirror and instantly felt my eyes fill up with tears. There was blue hat.

Apparently it had been at the bottom of the costume box, and Sidge had resurrected it. I snapped this picture of him at ballet. Blue hat is a little small and a little ripped, but it is still blue hat.

I know it is so cliche all the things parents say about how fast their kids grow up, but man is it true. We are gifted these precious lives for such a very short amount of time. It just is not long enough. Moments like this remind me of how fast they grow up.

I do find myself thinking during that day that I'd like to be done wiping rear ends and helping them take a bath. I'd really like it if they could all pour their own cereal and tie their own shoes.

Or would I?

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Kiley said...

You wouldn't. I am there. My oldest out of 6 is almost 13 and my youngest is almost 3. She has been out of diapers since February. And since it's a stead fast rule I don't wipe bums past the diaper stage. Those days have passed for me. Everyone showers on their own. My 3 year old can run the bath water herself and is all to happy to have her older siblings help her over mommy. We (my husband and I) are talking heavily about expanding our family this time next year. Until then.....I am enjoying hem all home for our second year of home-schooling. And watching them grow as siblings and as individuals