Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Wee-wind Wednesday: Thinking of Turkey on a Tuesday

The weather was finally supposed to let us down on Tuesday .... so we made plans to go visit Canada with the boys. Neither of them had been to this country, and we were excited to cross another country off their lists.

I grabbed their passports and gave them a once over. They had EXPIRED! 

It was a little sad for me to look at their tiny faces -- pictures taken right before we left for Turkey back in 2010. Here is the post I wrote about the day they got their photos taken. It is hard to believe that the five years you get for a child's passport has expired. Since that time they have lived on three different continents. While they have seen a lot of the world, they haven't seen a lot of the USA. So if we couldn't go to Canada, let's go to a new state.

We changed our plans for the day. Scratch Canada. Let's go for New Hampshire and a moose hunt!

Roy was back at the truck so we decided to let the boys take some pics of Joni and me at the New Hampshire sign. Here they are. I love when kids take pics. They always make me smile:

We thought about going into Maine. It was only about another half hour, but we decided we didn't want to do too much driving. So we opted for a picture at the Maine River. While I played basketball in Maine during college, JB hasn't been yet. So I figured we'd visit Maine another year when he was with us in Vermont.

The other thing we really wanted to accomplish while out on Tuesday was to see a moose. We were really going at the wrong time of day so we were confident. But .... Roy spotted a young female! Oh were we all excited!

Roy and Joni had let the boys pick out a little toy at one of the stops in New Hampshire. Sidge picked out a "Daddy Eagle" and Isaac picked out a "Baby Eagle." They posed their eagles for a photo when we got back to the camp.

It poured rain on our way back to the camp so when we finally got back, the bad weather had passed and we were able to eat dinner outside again! We also spotted some baby ducks. 

As night fell, it was time for some ice cream. I just love how well my boys get along. I've been discussing that with Joan and Roy. Joan has a sister a year older. Roy has a brother a year younger. They said they were already in "full fighting mode" by the time they were the boys age. But for some reason, my boys really don't fight much at all. They are just the best of buds. I really pray this continues:

Time for a gorgeous sunset as we head for bed:

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