Sunday, August 02, 2015

We are in Vermont!

On Friday evening, the boys and I drove down to Knoxville which is a little over an hour from here. We spent the night at a fairly dumpy hotel that allowed us to park our van there for a week and take a shuttle to and from the airport all for about $60!

We ate dinner at Chik-fil-A and then turned in early to get ready for our big trip:

On Saturday morning, we took the shuttle to the airport and boarded our flight to D.C. We actually got to see the Washington Monument from the window before heading downstairs and preparing to take our second flight. I took this picture of the boys and said, "Isn't it cool I dressed you alike?" They looked down at their clothes and said, "Oh you did! Isn't that cool?" They hadn't even noticed!

Two planes later we were making our descent into Burlington. Here are the boys getting excited about seeing their Joni:

 And then Sidge took the lead and busted through a group of people to get to Joni:

As soon as we finished the two hour drive to Roy and Joni's house on the lake, the boys excitedly opened their new water guns and took right off to play:

Sidge wanted to go out with Joni in the "Cailou" as he keeps calling it!

They even took the Kayak out to the raft so Sidge could see where he can go swimming:

Not a fan of cold water, Roy and Isaac chilled out on shore:

Sidge wanted to play more in the water so I went out with him. (He does not like to do ANYthing without a buddy. I'm not sure what he would do without Isaac):

We came inside and had some delicious lasagna and ice cream. There was just enough time to play a little with Andre Agassi and play a little ping-pong:

And then both boys collapsed in bed. It was a long day!

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