Thursday, August 27, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Some moments in our daily life

Oh these pillows! The kids are constantly moving them around and adjusting them on the couches. So much for getting them to "look nice." I did, however, get smart, and I have started including the pillows in our daily "penny pick-up." I pay the kids a penny for anything out of place they can put away. Pillows count! So nice to get them back on the sofa in the right place -- if just for a few moments.

Oh Magnatiles ... how we love you! The fun we have with these things are endless. And yes, they are standing on the coffee table. Don't judge.

These two girls are really starting to play together. I can only hope they can keep loving each other like they do right now.

Playing together ...

... Can be a bit dangerous.

A three-way sword fight

My oldest and youngest

And the guy who started it all ... can't believe he's EIGHT now!

Hannah "helping" Grampa get the garbage cans out of the truck.

I absolutely LOVE that my girls have big brothers.

Changing her mind about a hay ride.


Isaac's muscles

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I love these pictures!