Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Reviewing CTC Math (for the 5th time!)

I tell EVERYONE I know about this program. It is the one consistent in our homeschooling curriculum. We have used it since 
my boys were in kindergarten. 
And this year they will start 8th grade!

Here we are now, it's 2022, and I am STILL in love with this program. It is still one of the major math features for our family. My boys are going into the 8th grade. They have been using this program since 2016 -- nearly all of their school years. And my daughters joined in when they hit pre-kindergarten. They are still going strong (entering 3rd and 5th grades this fall!)

Rave Reviews
Those of you who read my Blog regularly will not be surprised with this review. I have raved about this product since I was first asked to review it back in 2016.  

Why do we love this program
Honestly, there is so much I can say, but I want to mostly say that using this program is SIMPLE. My kids have confidence and a positive attitude because the videos are short and to the point. They can learn at their own speed and are not working against anyone else. They can watch the videos as many times as they need to until they get it. I, as the parent/teacher have full parental control and it is EASY to use. I don't have to struggle around to figure out how to move forward. The stress is eliminated, the scores recorded ... I can instantly see what they are struggling with and move on accordingly!

Quick Summary
This review covers their family membership (good for up to 5 students.) We have a Family Membership to CTCMath. We use this program with our sons (who are entering fifth grade) and my two daughters (second and kindergarten.) My individual child logs into the program with their unique login and password. He/she then goes to the next lesson in their list. They watch a short video on that lesson and then they answer questions that go with that lesson. Each of my kiddos work through each lesson individually and without parental involvement or help. If they have trouble with a lesson and get a poor score, then Dad or Mom will watch the video with them and they will try it again. 
Lesson by Lesson
Each of the square bullet points are "Lessons". For each "Lesson" there is a short video and then questions to answer to gauge the students' understanding of that particular lesson.

I can get detailed reports telling me exactly how Abigail did on each lesson that she takes. It will tell me her "Efficiency Rating" and will tell me what her result was on her first attempt and what her highest attempt was. It will also tell me how many times she took the lesson in an attempt to pass it and what date she passed it on. I also can get reports emailed to me (which I do!) and get information about when and for how long my student was logged into the program.
NEW to CTCMath
Because I have reviewed for this program so many times, I want to make sure I highlight a NEW feature that I think is really fantastic. This is the "Question Bank Wizard." This allows you (the parent and teacher!) to make practice questions for your kids on areas that they need. There is an entire video HERE where you can learn more about this new feature, but take it from me, it's a great one!
Other Features
In addition, there are a few others features sort of "off-the-beaten-path" that I wanted to emphasize. 
  • Speed Skills: Work on speed in addition, subtraction, multiplication or division!
  • Times Tables: Provides a game for your student to practice their multiplication skills.
  • Swap the Pieces: A logic game that requires some major thinking!
You have two choices when purchasing this product. You can order a single membership by month or for the year. Or you can purchase a family membership which allows all children in your family access to the program.
I honestly believe every single person who is homeschooling should be using this program. It's that good. And it's that EASY to do. It makes math a joy in our home, and I have recommended it without hesitation to every single person I talk to about "what do you do for math?"

Check out these flashbacks to when my kids were MUCH younger and their opinions about the Math programs. As they've gotten older, CTC still causes relatively little complaining. 

"What I like most about CTC is that the lessons are short and mostly easy." Isaac (age 11)

"CTC has a video to explain everything before they just plunge me into questions. I like that." Sidge (age 10)

"CTC is good that it teaches me math." Hannah (age 5)

"I like the accent of the guy who teaches you." Abigail (age 7)

For this lesson, you can click on the "Lesson Summary" in the bottom left section or just jump to the video. You can also do the questions or a worksheet as well. 
CTCMath's Single Membership is now available for you to try for free! You do NOT want to miss this opportunity. You truly have nothing to lose. Two free weeks to see how it works for you. 

If you are a homeschooler, you can now purchase the Family Membership for under $150 for the year! This works out to about $13 a month. You can also choose to purchase a single membership (if you have only one child) or a monthly membership as well. 

Other questions? Email me at wkitsteiner@gmail.com and I'll fill you in and tell you to ORDER IT today! And please take a moment to read some reviews from my fellow Homeschool Review Crew members by clicking the link below:


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