Saturday, June 04, 2022

The beginning of our June

June will be BUSY!

Here are some notes I want to remember:

  • School is OVER! (Praise the Lord!)
  • My childhood BFF's son, Edward, is here visiting for a week. He is a good friend of Sidge (and Isaac too, but more Sidge.) I picked him up  in Asheville on Friday and will return him to Asheville the following Friday. It's a central meeting point -- a little farther for them to drive in Cary, NC. 
  • My parents arrived in town today. They are at their house in Greeneville, which, unfortunately, isn't as "ready" for them as their renovator hoped.
  • This week, Hannah and cousin Genevieve will be doing BEGINNER CAMP at Central Ballet. Abigail will help. The camp is from 3-5 each day. This runs Monday thru Friday.
  • Sunday thru Thursday is VBS at the Kotynski church: Tusculum Baptist. My two girls will be going. Anything new is nerve-wracking for both of them but more for Abigail. I'll probably hang close on Sunday, but hopefully, the next four days, I'll be able to not attend with them. All of the Kotynski's are working there (including Aunt Janet!) so I am sure they should be fine. 
  • This is just the beginning .... the boys are each attending a camp, Abigail has two ballet camps. There are Board Meetings for the Homeschool Group (Did I mention I'm on the Board now) and all kinds of other activities going on. 
  • But it's SUMMER! Yay!

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