Friday, June 17, 2022

Ballet videos

Abigail just finished her first week of ballet intensives. Following a week of very hard work every day from 11-5, the girls (and some guys -- including Isaac who helped partner!) put on a performance. I managed to get videos of the dances that had a lot of people who are special to us in them. I don't share links to dances of other kids without permission, but because these were already performed in front of an audience, I feel they are free for me to share. Here are the links! 

Modern dance (includes niece Ana and our dear friend Maryah)

Partnering (includes Abigail, Isaac, and our niece, Kari)

Ana and Partner (our niece Ana partnering with a young man from ballet)

Gabe with Partner (nephew Gabe partnering with Ay-la)

Class dance (features Abigail and niece, Kari)

Kari (group dance)

Ana dance (includes Maryah)

Abigail's group dance (includes friends Johnna Beth, Ella, and Sarai)

Older girl group dance (includes Ana and Maryah)

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