Sunday, June 26, 2022

Intensive Week 2

Photo from Week 2

Abigail finished her first week of intensives and then got Covid. Saturday after Week 1, she looked awful, and I just thought she was exhausted. But, in fact, she had a fever and had Covid. 

So she took Monday off, did Tuesday and Wednesday virtual, and then returned to camp Thursday and Friday. 

This was a group photo from Week 1

Intensives are long, challenging days immersed in strengthening old skills, learning new skills, expanding dance repertoires and bonding with fellow students and teachers.  We are so thankful for our time together at CBT Intermediate/Advanced Summer Ballet Intensives.  Thank you Mrs. Lori Ann and guest teachers Dillon Davis, Pierceton Mazell and Crystal Newson for sharing your gifts with us. 🥰

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