Monday, June 27, 2022

Cousins "Sort of" In Town

My brother, Keith, and his wife and four kids came into town last week. We were supposed to get to spend two days together before they borrowed our RV and headed to a camp ground in Pigeon Forge for some family time. But Abigail had COVID, and thus, our hopes were dashed. 

Once Abigail had recovered, I decided to drive the four kids to Pigeon Forge so the kids could spend time with their cousins.
Kids went swimming and then hung out in the back of our expedition. I've always thought Huisman #2 (Baylee) looks a lot like my Hannah. 

We went to the local German restaurant for lunch. Baylee taught me a new way to make a heart. 
These three are good buds. Charleigh is very bummed that it appears she is done growing (at 5'8") and both the boys have passed her. 
We love AD.
Teenagers are always taking "selfies."
When they come back to Bulls Gap, the girls and I are headed out of town the next morning for Jackson,  Mississippi and a ballet camp. So my girls won't get much time with Baylee. We therefore decided to let Baylee spend the night one night with us. (Char will get some time with the boys while we are gone to Jackson.)
Baylee LOVES her some ice cream. It is the way to her heart. I was happy to oblige. I was going to get everyone a "small" blizzard until my BFF, erin Dunham, decided to call on our way to DQ and talk me into mediums. We had done SOOOO much framework that day that we promised the kids a little treat. There isn't much near us on the farm, but DQ is at Exit 23, and we probably get it way too much. I have a new favorite flavor that Baylee loves too. (Oreo Dirt Pie -- however I get mine WITHOUT the gummy worms -- yuck!)

Baylee really likes our farm. "Florida has SO many people and buildings. Look at all these trees," she said. "Where I live, you can NEVER escape the people."

Agree Baylee. Agreed.


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