Thursday, June 09, 2022

A LOT of farm craziness

I'd like to say that June and the absence of school work around these parts has made everything easier ... but in fact, like it often happens in life, things have seemed even, could it possibly be? ... more crazy!!


John's sister, Elizabeth, is in town visiting for 2-3 weeks with her twin sons: Ethan and Eli. Here is Ethan playing chess with Hannah. They are staying with Grandpa and Grama so there isn't a lot on me with this, and it's great for the kids to see their cousins.

This picture was taken at my parent's house in Greeneville. They are in town with their friend Debbie. I ended up with 14 children in my care yesterday. (I still don't know exactly how all that happened.) But after dropping off at ballet, I had three hours to kill before youth group. So I brought the 6 guys and 2 girls to my parents' house in downtown Greeneville to kill some time. Half the people played Dominion.

The other half played a favorite of our's: HOTELs.

I asked the kids to capture a picture of the 14 kiddos in the van. This was the best I got. 

Didn't capture everyone, and someone (David) was avoiding the camera.

Isaac's best side with Kari jumping in.

John came to the rescue and helped me feed the kiddos. (Eggs for breakfast and some amazing pasta dish for lunch.)

The kids outside having an arm-hanging competition.

They also held a chess tournament AND an arm-wrestling competition.

This is little Shepherd. He's a shy guy. His Mama had to unexpectedly have appendicitis surgery in the middle of the night (which is how I ended up with extra children at the house.) He LOVED Hannah and her stuffed animals, and as long as I didn't mess with him too much, he was happy as a clam.

Teenage boys is a whole new world for me!

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