Saturday, June 11, 2022

Beginner Ballet Camp

It's that time of year. Ballet intensives! First up: Beginner Ballet Camp. This would be the first time that Hannah was not in a "Princess Camp" but she was ready for the move-up I think! Abigail helped in the camp, and both Genevieve and Hannah attended. They performed two dances at the end which you can watch here:

Here is the first dance of which Genevieve and Hannah had "starring" roles:


And here is the second group dance:


Here are just a couple of pictures I managed to snap at the end of the performance. My Mom, Dad, their friend Debbie, John's parents, John's sister Elizabeth, and her twin boys were both able to attend the little 20-minute performance:

Camp was from 3-5 each day this week. At 5:30 they went to the Tusculum Baptist Church (where the Kotynskis attend) for VBS. They had dinner and then did VBS from 6-8p. My Tante Jan helped with getting the girls home each evening which was a blessing. 

I am hoping someone took pictures of VBS, but we will see!

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