Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Sidge and I volunteered to help with our church's VBS. Our specific job is "Farm Camp." Each morning, the kids got to choose something they wanted to "specialize" in. We have the "Farm Campers." Thank you Aliceson Bales (and her son Marshall) for helping with this. 

We are halfway through the week, and we have had a fun time. Hannah is the only one of my kiddos attending full-time (9-2). But this "only being there an hour thing" has been really great for us! I love it!

This little guy is full of life and a ton of fun. 

The daughter of one of my good friends. Such a fun kiddo!

My Sidge helping!

Our group with their Origami Chickens (Marshall lead this!)

Marshall reading a book with one of the kiddos

Marshall and David

Origami chickens

We brought our duck ...

And a goose! This was all Sidge. He was so excited to show the kids our animals.

Marshall brought in two of his chickens.

Aliceson and Marshall with two of their lady hens.

A picture of all the kiddos attending SPLASH this year!

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