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Review: CTCMath

Hang on to your hats folks -- this program is simply and utterly AWESOME! I raved about it when I first reviewed it, and I am raving about it again!

Rave Reviews
Those of you who read my Blog regularly will not be surprised with this review. I have raved about this product since I was first asked to review it back in August of last year. (Rave is really not strong enough of a word in explaining how much we love this program.) CTCMath made our Review Crew's list of 2016 favorites. And I included it in my own personal "favorites" list as well which you can read by clicking here. You can read my original review by clicking here. And now for the most awesome news of all! CTCMath's Single Membership is now available for you to try for free! You do NOT want to miss this opportunity.

Quick Summary
We have a Family Membership to CTCMath. We use this program with our sons (who are doing third and fourth grade math) and my daughter (who is in kindergarten but is now doing first grade math with the program.) My individual child logs into the program with their unique login and password. He/she then goes to the next lesson in their list. They watch a short video on that lesson and then they answer questions that go with that lesson. Each of my kiddos work through each lesson individually and without parental involvement or help. If they have trouble with a lesson and get a poor score, then Dad or Mom will watch the video with them and they will try it again. 

Breaking it down
To give you an example, let me focus specifically on my six-year-old daughter Abigail (pictured with her Daddy to the right) and her work in the first grade portion of the program. 
This is what the "outline" of the first grade program looks like. (Please note that I broke down the individual lessons in "Whole Numbers" and "Addition" to give you an idea, but didn't do it for all the lessons in each unit.)
  • Numbers, Patterns and Algebra
    • Whole Numbers
      • Place Value
      • 1 to 100 Number Chart
      • Counting to 100 by Tens
      • Numbers to 100
      • Writing the Numeral
      • Ordering Numbers
      • Before and After
      • Ordinal Numbers
      • The Number Line
    • Addition
      • Looking for Tens
      • Adding to 10
      • Adding up to 20
      • Adding up to 20
      • Number Line addition
      • Rolling Dice
      • Addition of Larger Numbers
    • Subtraction
      • For the sake of time and space I am not going to continue listing individual lessons; hopefully you get the idea. :)
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Fractions
    • Patterns
    • Money
  • Measurement
    • Length
    • Area
    • Capacity and Volume
    • Mass
    • Time
  • Space and Geometry
    • Plane Shapes
    • Solids
    • Position
  • Statistics and Probability
    • Graphs
    • Chance
Lesson by Lesson
Each of the square bullet points are "Lessons". For each "Lesson" there is a short video and then questions to answer to gauge the students' understanding of that particular lesson. Here is Abigail sharing about her experience with CTCMath's individual lessons.

I can get detailed reports telling me exactly how Abigail did on each lesson that she takes. It will tell me her "Efficiency Rating" and will tell me what her result was on her first attempt and what her highest attempt was. It will also tell me how many times she took the lesson in an attempt to pass it and what date she passed it on. I also can get reports emailed to me (which I do!) and get information about when and for how long my student was logged into the program.

Other Features
In addition, there are a few others features sort of "off-the-beaten-path" that I wanted to emphasize. 
  • Speed Skills: Work on speed in addition, subtraction, multiplication or division!
  • Times Tables: Provides a game for your student to practice their multiplication skills.
  • Swap the Pieces: A logic game that requires some major thinking!
You have two choices when purchasing this product. You can order a single membership by month or for the year. Or you can purchase a family membership which allows all children in your family access to the program. 

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As always, feel free to contact me individually at with individual questions about this product. We never get complaints when it is CTC time! We just LOVE this product and plan to use it for MANY years to come!

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