Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Our Weekends with Veronica

This girl:

I genuinely love this girl. There aren't many people outside of my family that I can say this about. She is my little sister. She has a secure place in my heart. 

I have known Veronica (aka "V") since she was about four years old. We went to church in Kentucky together. Then, when JB and I moved to Minnesota, her family relocated at the same time. During JB's first year of medical school, we lived in a mother-in-law apartment underneath her family's house.

During our first year in Turkey, Veronica lived with us and helped me when I had to "storknest" in Germany.

Now, she is going to school about four hours from us. And she is studying horticulture and is interested in our farm. (And I think she likes our family too!) So she is coming in on Friday evenings and leaving on Monday mornings. 

We are all soooooo excited to have Veronica with us every weekend. This woman is so beautiful inside and out, and the Lord has such huge plans for her. Please pray for her! Pray that the Lord will guide her life and use her exactly as HE has planed.

Veronica also takes some great pictures. Here are some of the photos she took this weekend:

We took our family and Veronica and Tymen to "Fender's Farm" for a HOT fall day!



Dutch wwoofer experiencing one of these southern fall festivals for first time. We love Tymen!!!

Veronica and Hannah selfie.

This last pic was taken by JB. How beautiful is this:

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Anonymous said...

Did you realize in the last picture, that your house is the ‘Pot Of Gold’ at the end of the rainbow? 😉
People spend their lives looking for their ‘Pot o’Gold’, and you’re living in it. 💖
Much love my friend!