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Review: Super Teacher Worksheets

 Super Teacher Worksheets

I've tried a lot of products that offer worksheets to use. But Super Teacher Worksheets was by FAR my favorite. Their Individual Membership is simply outstanding, and I truly think this is something every homeschooling Mama wants in her arsenal! 

I say they were my favorite due to the ease of ....
  • maneuvering the website
  • printing the pages
  • accessing the answer guide
  • saving what I like
In addition, the quality of what is offered is simply outstanding. There is so much good stuff that TRULY (and I do not exaggerate when I say this) you could homeschool using only this website and some ink in your printer!

We downloaded and used so many worksheets, I really had no idea how to take all the pictures and show them on this post. But here are just a few snapshots of some of the pages we did here in our house: 
Abigail (kindergarten) did this worksheet where she cut out and pasted words in the correct category under "nouns." She had to read the word, cut the word, and glue the word in the right category: people, places, or things. 

There are worksheets for preschoolers too! Here is my little Hannah's first attempt at "color by number."

My third grader (who really doesn't like to color) did a color by number as well. His had multiplication tables that he had to solve to figure out what to color.

Isaac is doing fourth grade math. Here is his attempt at a division worksheet.

Abigail is my kindergartener. She did great on this addition page although she did tell me at one point: "I don't have enough fingers to add that."

My boys worked on a lot of word problem worksheets. Showing their work was a new concept for them.

And because pictures can't really tell the whole story, I wanted to include some of the provided images from Super Teacher Worksheets that might help to show what they have to offer just a bit more:
 Super Teacher Worksheets

 Super Teacher Worksheets

 Super Teacher Worksheets

This product is very easy to discuss and present in concept. Homeschooling parents are going to want to use the Individual Membership. This is a simple purchase of just $19.95 for the entire year. In exchange you have access to the entire website and everything they have to offer.

All you have to do is log into the Super Teacher Worksheets page. From there, the sky is truly the limit. You can choose to:
  • Search for what you are looking for using the search box at the top of the screen. For example you can type in "multiplication" and get every resource for that topic. 
  • On the left hand of the screen are all of the "core" content areas that you can search by. These topics include things like:
    • Math
    • Reading & Writing
    • Phonics & Early Literacy
    • Handwriting
    • Grammar
    • Spelling Lists
    • Chapter Books
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Holidays
    • Puzzles & Brain Teasers
    • etc.
  • Within each of the major categories listed below, there are "sub-categories." For example, the "Math" category has over 30 different categories like skip counting, measurement, graphic, geometry, rounding etc. 

Now here is one of the cool parts! If I like a document, I can save it into "My Filing Cabinet." (Check out the picture above). I have illustrated this below. I have added four different documents to "My Filing Cabinet". I can then choose to:
  • Open them with the first blue button
  • Look at them in different languages using the second blue button
  • Quickly look at the document using blue button three
  • Delete the document from my Cabinet using the X blue button.
Super Teacher Worksheets offers a fantastic product in their Individual Membership! Please take the time to check them out on:
I also wanted to share this video of us just goofing around, discussing some of the worksheets they were doing:

Super Teacher Worksheets

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Thank you so much for the very kind review of our site. I love all of the pictures - your kids are doing a great job. :)