Monday, February 27, 2012

Current Humor

Joan's house has a toilet and a bidet. The boys went in together to go to the bathroom before I realized it. When they came out, Isaac said, "Elijah went pee pee in my sink." Isaac's sink was actually the bidet. Thank goodness we had "Roy-the-mainteance-man" to clean up a peed in bidet!
Wendi: "People in Turkey look different than people in other countries. Don't they?"
Isaac: "Yes."
Wendi: "Who do people in Turkey look like?"
Elijah: "I think bananas."
Wendi: "Do you like ice cream?'
Elijah: "I do."
Wendi: "Do you like ice cream or dondurma better?" (Turkish word for ice cream. It's a trick question.)
Elijah: "I think I like you better Mommy."
Elijah: "I think boats have wings."
Isaac: "No, just airplanes have wings."
Elijah: "And helicopters and birdies have wings."
(About this time, I, the Mom, am thinking Elijah is pretty smart. Then Isaac informs us both:)
Isaac: "Umm ... Elijah ... helicopters do not have wings."
(Oh yeah. I guess he's right.)

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