Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yesterday ...

... Saturday ... Abigail rolled over for the first time completely by herself. She'd sort of done it before but her one arm kept getting stuck.

This time ... no stuckage!

I decided to look back and find my boys rolling over dates. I remembered that Isaac first did that at nearly six months.  I remember Dr. G. had told us that if he didn't do it by six months, she recommend physical therapy. He got in just under the deadline. The kid was just so chilled out; he didn't seem to have the motivation to do anything but smile. And rolling over late didn't seem to hurt him at all. He ended up walking at ten months or so.

But looking back I realized that Elijah did it at exactly four months as well. 

(And please note that I flashback to see when the boys did it not for comparison but more for fun. To look back at the their sweet lives. I could care less when they actually roll over. My only prayer is that Abigail doesn't start crawling until she is, maybe 2?)

Like this video. A great jump down memory lane.

Here are some pictures of Abigail working her way to the belly! Love this little lady:

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Amanda said...

Oh wow does she ever look like Elijah! So cute!