Sunday, November 06, 2011

GERMANY: Around Munich with Leah

Monday, October 24
Monday morning in Munich, Germany! Dad and Mom got some good rest which isn't always easy to come by when switching seven time zones. Our hotel was a quaint little bed and breakfast type establishment (as most hotels in Europe are) and so we ate in shifts to help manage our two little boys.

After breakfast, Leah met us at the hotel. She had taken a train from her house. We headed to a famous market. Take a look at how beautiful (and expensive!) everything was:

I fianlly managed one picture with my old college roommate, Leah. She lives in Munich now and is engaged to be married to a Welch man -- Owain (pronounced Owen). It was wonderful getting the tour of Munich from someone who speaks the language and also someone who knows all the cool places to go.

Leah took us to a very famous restaurant for a coffee break: Ratskeller. What an amazing place. I've never quite seen anything like it. You have to take a moment to take a virtual tour inside this place. Here are a few snapshots outside:

After that, we went back to the hotel for naps. Leah headed to her house for the same. We met Leah and Owain later that evening for another fantastic German meal followed by dessert (ice cream and fruit) at their apartment in downtown Munich.

The weather has been wonderful. It's cold but not the biting cold that makes being outside nearly impossible. The Germans wrap their kids up like burritos, and thanks to my friend Jaime who sent me this adorable little pink winter wear from Abigail (It says WKU Baby on it), I was able to do the same.

We actually ventured out in the evening with Abigail in the Bjorn and the boys in their stroller. She loved it! On the way there, we faced her out and she watched the world with great awe and wonder. After dinner, she was tired, so I faced her toward me and she just slept. It was great!

Speaking of post-dinner fun stuff, I happened to overhear a woman talking about Elijah in Turkish in the subway! She was saying he had beautiful eyes. I instantly recognized the language. I was also intrigued because, unilke the majority of Germans who avoid eye contact or smiling, she looked right at Elijah and smiled and tried to get his attention. I surprised her back by asking her, in Turkish, if she knew Turkish. She looked at me like I was crazy! What is the tall German-looking woman doing speaking Turkish? I managed to say to her in Turkish that I spoke a little Turkish but it isn't very good. She replied that it sounded great to her and then she told me in Turkish was beautiful eyes Elijah had. How fun to be able to use Turkish away from Turkey!! I keep getting sad that in about half a year, I won't be able to use this language I have been working so hard on. But this gave me hope that maybe I will.


Sarah, Dan, and Peter said...

Your trip sounds WONDERFUL! And I love your Turkish story! How cool!

TAV said...

Love the updates. I remember learning in Germany that, due to really permissive post- WW2 immigration laws (to make up for the Nazi horrors), Germany is one of the most diverse countries... and Turks are rather well-represented (I remember a lot of doner kebab places!). So fun to see your pictures!

Jenny said...

We really enjoyed Munich also! Did you get to go to any of the famous Biergartens? I'm thinking they were probably closed this time of year.

Emily said...

WKU Baby - I love it! Wear it proudly, Abigail! :)