Wednesday, November 09, 2011

AUSTRIA: Simply Amazing

Thursday, October 27
Oh Salzburg, Austria. How I love thee! Not even sure I could count the ways. Truly one of my favorite cities in the world. Only Florence, Italy and Seville, Spain might rival it. Just delightful! And, if you've watched Sound of Music, you'd especially enjoy it.
This was Dad and Mom's first time in one of the AMAZING cathedrals in Europe. they were awestruck to say the least.
While most of the cemetary scenes in Sound of Music were filmed in a studio in Hollywood, they were drawn up with inspiration from this cemetary. In fact, they had the locked gates that the family hid in and everything!
I never used a Bjorn with either of my boys but we love it with Abigail. She faces out when she is awake and wants to look around and faces toward me when she is tired and wants to sleep. It's great!
Yes those are giant pickles. No I do not know why they have giant pickles in this square.
The four amigos.
The main stretch in Salzburg. What a cool street!
Outside the cathedral.
St. Peter's Church.
Our B&Bis wonderful. A cat, guinea pigs, and these sheep greeted us.
Mom, showing off the view from their room.

Lovin' on her second granddaughter.
Grampa K. is a GREAT story reader.
And so is Grama K.


TAV said...

Salzburg = my favorite city on earth! So glad you loved it, too!

Jenny said...

So fun to see you visiting the same places we have been. What a great trip for you all!