Sunday, November 27, 2011


This is the first year that the boys actually understand what Christmas is. They understand that Santa comes if they are good little boys to give gifts to help celebrate Jesus' birthday. They want to hang ornaments! They like the lights. (Although they liked lights last year actually.)

This is also the first year, in my 13 years of marriage, that JB caved and got a fake tree. The reason? Well, there are no Christmas trees for sale here in Turkey. Okay so the BX has a few out. But they are incredibly expensive, and, incredibly pitiful. Charlie Brown for sure! They really don't even come close to resembling a Christmas tree. The fake trees are hard to come by too so you usually try to find someone selling theirs. And we did! Twenty bucks later, we had a tree!

So we put up this little tree that isn't really much to speak of and our dear Isaac said, "This is the best Christmas tree EVER!" My heart wanted to melt. Here we are in Turkey, away from all of our family, in a country that doesn't even celebrate Christmas, with a tree that is only a little better than nothing at all, and he thinks it's the best ever.

I tried to get him to say it on video, but he wasn't going to repeat it. When I asked him if this was the best Christmas tree ever he just said, "Yes, that's what I said before."

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