Sunday, November 13, 2011

GERMANY: Trick or Treat

Saturday, October 29 (Part II)
We didn't bring costumes, but we still enjoyed the hotel's attempt to let the kiddos staying there celebrate Halloween. You could go to the different stores and restaurants throughout the resort (I think there were about 7-8 locations) and get candy. The boys thought this was great fun!

I was sad to not be at home for this "holiday" only because it is an amazing community time on the Base. EVERYONE comes out of their houses and the streets are filled with kids. Stebbins made me jealous for home by posting these pictures and comments on her blog about the festivities. So a little fun around the resort was a welcome event.

I must say that I love the fact that the boys have each other. I just don't think it would be as fun just going around with one kiddo. My boys going around with each other and talking about their candy just lit up my heart. They race each other down the foyers and play together in the hotel. I will always be appreciative of the miracle of adoption and our pregnancy which gave us the opportunity to raise "nearly twins."

Here are some pictures of the trick-or-treating in the resort:

Oh and after we got candy, we headed to play on some of the little "pay for motion" machines that the resort is kind enough to let work without money:

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