Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Four months old

Today, our first taste of pink, turns four months old. Has it gone by fast? Yes. Has it gone by slow? Yes. I have often heard that the hours and day are slow but the months and years fly by. Agree! What is she doing now?

  • She's Rolling over! (Almost.)
  • She talks like crazy! (The boys never talked this much.)
  • She's laughing. (That's the closest I could get to capturing it on video.)
  • She's grasping objects. (Although the grasp is still a bit more random that purposeful.)
  • She sucks on her hands nearly non-stop. (We think she will for sure be a thumb sucker.)
  • She usually eats 5 times a day. (Feeds are usually 3-7 ounces each time.)
  • She sleeps from about 7pm until 7am without fail every single night. (I'm sorry. Okay. Not really.)
  • She takes approximately three naps every day. (One is usually the longer nap.)
  • She loves her brothers. (And they love her too.)
  • She recognizes JB, me, and Veronica pretty readily. (I think I'm still most popular.)
  • She has permanently woven her way into the depths of our hearts. (For sure.)
***We didn't get in to see the doctor for quite a few weeks. Here is a link that jumps ahead to her four month "Well Baby" visit. 


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So sweet! I love her <3